Monday, June 19, 2017

Xin Tai Ruan - Richie Jen

Your heart is always too soft/weak, your heart's too soft/weak, crying by yourself until dawn
You loved that person without regrets, but I know you're not even that strong.
Your heart is always too soft/weak, too soft/weak, carrying the burden of all the problems
Love is always simple, getting along is too difficult, it's not your fault, don't keep forcing yourself
You're still not asleep late at night; are you still thinking of him?
Isn't this infatuation tiring? knowing that he won't come back and comfort you.
You just wanted to love one person well, however there's no way he'll give you full points.
His heart will not be moved by your pointless sacrifices, You most likely don't only want to be a good person.
Oh Forget it. Just forget about it. You need to forget it, so forget about it. There's no point in continuing to think about it.
Wait stupidly for him. He won't come back. You should think about your future.

Richie Jen (Ren Xinqi 任賢齊)
A Heart That is Too Soft (Xin tai ruan 心太軟)
Lyrics: Xiao Chong (小蟲); Melody: Xiao Chong (小蟲)

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